Paula Rovinsky, MA, RN, BS, CDE, HNC



Addressing the needs of individuals to attain or maintain 
health through learning and collaborative partnering...

Programs include:

Self care practices
Building resiliency to stress 
Lifestyle changes
Management of 
pain, stress & weight
Psychology of healthy  eating
Diabetes management

and a

Professional development program*

TheH.E.A.R.T. of Nourishing Wisdom

 I am an engaging yet informative                                                          speaker who is available for  
 lunch N learn programs, wellness          activities, workshops for senior                citizen facilities, businesses, public          agencies, community health fairs            and local events.
The most popular wellness programs are on stress reduction and coping mechanisms, as well as weight management and 
emotional eating. However, please feel free to suggest your company's specific need for supportive health maintenance services as there is a multitude of available topics for a
single session or several visits to our location.

As a certified diabetes educator I discuss the related health issues.       

This includes 
prevention,                       treatment options, prediabetes,           complications of the disease,                 self care, health risks, and                       nutritional information.                  

Previous motivational speaking engagements include:
   *New Jersey Department of Probation: Stress management & weight
   *Robert Wood Johnson Fitness and Wellness Center
Diabetes Smackdown
Lighter Lifestyle guest speaker on the psychology of eating
Stress management
Reiki classes
   *Healthy Interactions: Diabetes & Wellness
   *Air Products: Wellness
   *L'Oreal: Wellness Fair
   *Kenilworth Senior: Diabetes 
   *AARP group: Stress management & weight gain
   *RWJ Foundation: Stress management & resiliency
   *Energy for Healing: Stress management & healthy lifestyle

"I want to say a big thank you for your generous giving of Reiki at the Holistic Fair." P. J. 
"Everyone complimented us on having such an interesting and entertaining speaker. We hope you can revisit us some day." A. H.

While knowing what to eat is essential, the abundance of diet
books and information has not prevented many families from experiencing weight gain and facing
the increasing risk of health problems as a resultFamily and school support is essential when a child's health and weight are involved.

I can come to your child's school for an interactive classroom      program using conversation maps  that are age appropriate.

This  educational
series engages the       children in addressing basic nutrition, more physical activity and  less inactive 
screen time. In addition,  the program helps educate parents of their role as the 'gatekeeper' and 'coach' for good health and lifestyle changes.

Programs provided for school aged groups
   *All Star Cheerleaders
   *Carteret Middle School
   *Shapedown® Program at RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center

"I loved this program" K.M.

*see resource page for program information