Paula Rovinsky, MA, RN, BS, CDE, HNC

The H.E.A.R.T. of Nourishing Wisdom


 A holistic approach to feeding cell & soul 
Finding satiety in life

This 3 day workshop 
offers a professional growth and development program for self and patient/client care.
   The following topics will be included:
  • Inclusive mind, body, spirit approach to nourishing & nurturing the body
  • A person centered approach 
  • Understanding hunger, satiety, appetite and cravings
  • The physical, emotional & psychological aspects of eating
  • The influence 7 different types of hunger have on desire for food and satiety
  • Reflection of the 7 personal reasons for eating & body awareness
  • Options to resist emotional eating
  • Physiological impact of stress; how it effects food choice, weight & sleep
  • Therapeutic techniques to build stress resiliency: mind, body & spiritually
  • The effects of insomnia on weight
  • Modalities to help combat insomnia
  • The importance of story and traditions around food choices
  • Relevant nursing process and theory application
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Foundation of habits & food addiction
  • Environmental influences: internal & external
  • The essential benefits of moving more and sitting less
  • Motivation & mind-fitness exercises
  • Health at every size philosophy versus dieting
  • Nutritional information on macronutrients
  • Motivational interviewing & coaching techniques for lifestyle change
  • Practical application of therapeutic techniques throughout the 3 days
  • Take home useful handouts
  • References to scientific studies
                              This is not a program on nutrition per se.
                   While the syllabus includes discussions on what to eat 
                              its main focus is on the how & why we eat. 

Your Holistic Nurse is in the process of applying for contact hours for the above program.